Regular Trust Level Requirements


Hey everyone, I was wondering requirements you need to become regular. Like how many likes, posts, how many days you’ve been on the forum, etc. I now have Member (trust level 2).


Here’s a link to the requirements to become regular written by one of the founders of Discourse :ok_hand:

Hope this helps!


You have to have at least 50 Days on and a couple other requirements.

Heh you’re not that close sorry


I’ll never get regular due to my flags


I’ve gotton 5😞 and there all for off topic (on topics that are so off topic already)


Oh, cool. I’ve gotten at least 30+


Ya but you’ve at least been here for a couple years I’ve been here 1 month


30 over that past 3 months




Don’t worry about getting Regular right now, @PositivityTree!

It will come soon! Hang in there!


you’re not that close
you have to read a bunch of posts
be active
not get flagged


Check the link that @PinkCupcake8 posted.


I know I’m not that close, I just wanted to know XD. I’m not trying to be regular I was just curious.


ive had like 10? idk how i have reg, im so inactive now


that’s so weird cuz jonny was inactive for three days and lost it


I lost it in like 15 days after I was inactive when I did my last check it really just depends


Wanna do a collab or something soon?


maybe sorry dont have much tim


I think that was flags


no it wasn’t
he was inactive for three days
and he doesn’t get flags