Regular stuff because @fishyguitars


Hi I’m bored and everyone is asking everyone “OMG WHY ARENT I REGULAR! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:” so I suppose I’d tell them what they actually need to do so they stop annoying everyone doing the wrong things.

As you can see, I am copying from here:
What it says there is that in the past 100 days, you have to have visited at least 50%. So thats 50 days out of 100.
Must have replied on at least ten topics.
Must have viewed at least 25% of posts created in the past 100 days, capped at 20,000 posts. So if there are 40,000 posts in 100 days, regulars will have read at least ten thousand of them.
Reading posts created more than 100 days ago does nothing. And 20,000 posts isn’t the requirement, just the maximum amount.
Must have given at least 30, and received at least 20 likes.
Must have received less than 5 spam or offensive flags.
Must not have been suspended.

Okay bye I’m going to go say hi to @Fishyguitars


Ahh okay, that was helpful :slight_smile:


Huh… I thought I had most… if not all the requirements for this…

I’m unsure though… should I wait a bit and see what happens… maybe it’s the replying ti 10 topics


I have not one of these requirements :smile: (accept for the last twolol)


Thank you for clarifying this to whoever that wonders!


You need to have had an account for 100 days, your 100th day(not visited but having the account) will be on May 29th, so you aren’t quite there yet.


I’ve seen people with less than 100 days as well


Ok you are getting confused, there is a difference
Days you have had your account- This is how many days your account has been on the forum. You don’t have to visit for this number to go up. Your account needs to have existed for 100 days to get regular.

Days you have visited-This is how many days you have visited the forum. This number will always be less or the same as the amount of days you have had your account. You need to have visited for at least 50 of the last 100 days to get regular.


Give me a sec

Okay… we’ll take @ArtisticCoder for example, (I’m only actually doing this because that is the latest person on the list.)

Let’s see joined Feb. 18…

The same day as me I believe


No, you dont.

50 days, as explained above.


So you’re saying that if you are on for 50 days straight, you’ll get regular at that point, having hit all of the other requirements?




Thank you for this topic!


Guys! I’ve done it… I’m at regular!


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Congrats on getting Regular! :slight_smile:


I feel like there will still be people asking how to get regular on the future
And never look at this topic :joy:


Yeah, I mean search up how to become regular and you’ll find thousands of topics


Yeah. And no one uses those


What’s the big deal about Regular? I mean, isn’t it just a title?