Regular Status Thingy Issue




I just want to clarify some reasons why some people may have lost their regular (including me :P)
1. Over 20 flags
Highly unlikely though. I don't think anyone on the forums has over 20 flags yet.
2. Haven't been on enough
3. Haven't read enough topics
Probs my issue. :stuck_out_tongue: I believe this is the main reason why. You must chill at all topics, trying to help all peeps, not just holla-ing over at Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad YES JUDGE ME xD
Any other reasons? @Follow4LikesOfficial @BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016


I have over 20 flags.


I honestly dunno, only @moderators can check I think


@Redo122 plz delete that


and that happens again.


Report what? And also, LP your not a reg anymore?

I cry :disappointed_relieved:


well said @LotsaPizza (love the new pic @SmileyAlyssa)


Referee LotsaPizza!
XD sorry


I deleted it don't worry @Follow4LikesOfficial.


Yes, but that was really unexpected. Violation of community guidelines.


just a suprise

Edit: Just came as a suprise

Edit jr: how about we just for get that ever happened.

Edit sr: good idea?

Edit something: meh ime going.


What? I'm F4LO XD
I didn't get any flags since leader (expect for one test)



Good job 4 u

:3 :D


I've tried very hard to become reg, but since I have to read 25% of new topics, 25% of posts, and do something else that was unreasonable, I was like NOP!!
Also, I don't think they should take away reg, and that's another reason why I don't want to try anymore.
(Also, you have to get under 5 flags in 100 days, and I've been spam flagged before so I basically am ok at being member)


Most people just haven't read enough posts or topics! @LotsaPizza, you just have to read 100 more topics!


Good topic @LotsaPizza! Very helpful, but I can't say much since I am still a member. XD

@Kiwicute2016, how many days left until I can get regular?


Lol I was in a hurry, K? I just ate a ton of schnitzel... So good... now I'm so full... :yum::yum::yum::yum:


Just be active for 27 days.


Thank you! I can do that... :grinning::tada:


I think you would make a great leader! I've thought that for a while. So keep coming, you'll be a regular soon! I like you a lot :smiley: