Regular Regulations


As you know it being regular has its responsibilities. We shouldn't have regulars who abuse and break the rules. And we should have a more stricter set of rules for the regulars, as they help to keep the forum in a good shape. So today I'm going to make a set of rules so regulars can know what you have to do, and what you don't do. The rules are up for global edit, so change and check with the others in this topic if it's viable for the set of rules. So let's get onto the list.


  • Don't flag something that you feel is wrong, but check with others first if they feel it's wrong.

  • Change the titles of topics that are inappropriate and check with others first if it is.

  • Don't brag and make yourself "powerful" towards Members and Basics. You don't have any kind of power to stop their motivations and dreams.

  • If you want to speak about a problem the forum or HS is having, speak it. Nobody can stop your motivations but they could alter them.

  • If you have a lot of flags and such. Don't act like everybody's hating on you. We don't want pity, and we don't want flame wars.

  • Always prevent flame wars from happening, by not just putting a "chill" image but just giving reasons why they should stop.

  • If you get demoted, these rules don't apply to you only the community guidelines apply.

  • Speaking of the community guidelines, follow those too.

  • Understand that THT trusts you, so use your regular 'superpowers' appropiately! :D

  • Be sure to visit the Lounge Topic and say hi to new regs. You can also make topics in the Lounge, if you want to discuss something more mature with Forumers you can trust! : D

  • Don't abuse your regular powers. People may start taking this offensively, and you don't really want that. Instead, use the powers for stopping flame wars and sharing ideas!

If you feel something is not right about the rules, go ahead and change them and tell me what you changed.

Well hope this helped

I'm Regular! Yaaaayyy!

Nice rules, good speech!
I agree totally!


I added this part, if you're wondering! :D ^^^^




I agree!:grinning: Great topic!:grinning: I think we all need this topic based off of the times the forum is going through.:slight_smile:


Guys I forgot how to move it out of the lounge as some regulars might not see it. So could anybody do it for me ;D?


I did it for you.:slight_smile:


Thanks! ;D


This is why we have @Razor as a regular


Uhh okay? Thanks?

I dunno if I should be complimented for being regular. Well hope you'll get it soon too!



Dang when will 50 days wear off

also thanks for making this avaliable for everyone so they know what's ahead


No problem


How did u get member?

I'm gonna b demoted soon cause of how many flags I have


Shouldn't this be in the lounge?


No, I want umpcoming regulars to keep this in mind


I really don't agree with this because I feel like u r trying to boss all of us around

If we don't listen to all ur "regulations" then so be it

Please don't act like this is official because u made it not tht


This isn't telling us what to do, it's trying to help us know what's okay to do and what isn't.


No, I'm not. This is a community thing, go ahead and change what you feel isn't right. I don't own this at all, the whole community owns it.


I love this topic!! Nice job!!