Regular Challenge 🕘



I know it's hard to wait for regular, but it's worth it! I have an idea how to make the wait less painful and fun:

Step One
Go to your badges, and click member. It should tell you when you got the badge. Now, with that date in mind, go to your calendar and calculate when 50 days will have passed since that date. Now mark the new date, so you'll have a good idea of when you'll get regular. (If the current date is after the new date, you probably did not meet the requirements. The new date also may not be accurate, I'm not entirely sure how the system works.)

Date Calculator

Step 2
Now that you have a general idea of how long you have to wait, you can start the challenge.

For each day, write down a prompt/idea for a project to code. I suggest having a few spares in case the estimated date is incorrect.

Some ideas:

Mass Idea List

Random Words Generator

Step 3
Do one challenge everyday until you get regular. (You can keep going after if you want!)

You can post the links to your projects here if you want, and you can announce when you get regular, too! If you have any other ideas or any useful resources, feel free to comment that too!

I apologize if this has been done before or whatever. I'm also sorry I don't really know how the forum works with badges, so this might not work with everyone.


thanks!! I'll take this advice


This is awesome! :D


Thanks! :D


Good ideas/advices! I like them!