Regular Badge SabotageWarning


I've waited a whole summer. Now can I get regula
Sorry I had autocorrect


I guess so even though I don't know what that means




Just check the requirements?


I'm not sure. It depends on if you've completed all of the requirements. It's really up to the Moderators, @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, and @PopTart0219.


Just keep reading and being active every day


Even if we unlocked your trust level, you haven't been on enough days (13/100), read enough topics, read enough posts, or given enough likes.


Now I understand


Did you guys update this place and put a delete button yet?



And if you mean deleting posts then there is a way, yeah.

If you mean a topic then you can ask a Mod/Leader


A delete button for what?


Maybe you have to read more topics and posts


No ppl 4 ur 4cc0unt a delete button for your accoubt


No, there's really no need for one.


Bruh of course there is


When you first join the forum there's a "delete account" button in your Preferences, but after a day or so it disappears. I'm not sure why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Why? You can just leave. You don't have to delete your account. You're like the first person ever to make that suggestion too, so unless the majority of HS feels they desperately need it....


Nope. Now you've posted too much and been tagged too much so it'd be messy if somehow they all vanished/broke. So there isn't one for you anymore.


You need to be on more days and read more.


It disappears to prevent the forum tags from breaking, I guess.


Pls I need to leave for the sake of my retinas not burning out after I saw some1's profile pic