Regular badge! Please help


I should have gotten my regular badge! I've been on for 15 days! And did all the requirements.


The requirement is to be on for 50 days


I think you mean member

Regulari is 50 days


50 days is regular, u still have a while to go :D

Try working in member first :D is that what you meant?


You have to be at least at 50 days, sorry!


The requirement is 50 days, not 15.


Also, you need Member in order to be a Regular
Not stated but it's implied


@anonymous when will I get regular


idk im not a leader


You have to ask the mods


You're not a Member yet.


I think it is a while, because you were suspended. But really, idk.


I think you mean "member". To get "member" badge, try to be more active, create, read and like more posts, visit more topics. I earned member in 2 days :wink:
More info about it:


Tipz fir you:
Read tons of posts(but not leike crazy)
Give out leikes
Not posting flag-worthy posts


I'm getting regular in two days as long as I don't start any flame wars


Just don't think about anything negative, and before you know it, you'll earn a Regular :wink:


Yup. U 2:)

@BuildASnowman as long as I don't start flame wars in the next two days, will I get regular? Is that deal still on?


You mean member right? It took me months. I wasn't very active, though.


@Liza, I've been on for 62 days!