Regular badge! Need help


I should have my regular badge by now. I have been on for 73 days!


I think it's measured on how nice you are.
I dunno.


Lol, well I think it's based on responsibility respect and trust. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah.


You need to read more :slight_smile:


One I read 20k I get my badge?


Pretty much yeah.

You've only got 7.?K left!


YAY!!!! Omg I'm so excited


You can be excited when you read the last 8K or less :stuck_out_tongue:


True my finger will be numb :slight_smile:


I'm not responsable of the badges on the forum, actually. Also, this forum is to learn and share knowledge about Hopscotch, coding and creativity, not to get badges. :slight_smile:

I feel like featured isn't... well, FEATURED anymore
Message to Hopscotch, please vote if you agree
I feel like featured isn't... well, FEATURED anymore

can i ask how i have regular even though i got it while i had only read 12-15k posts?


@kvj i mean im only at 17k posts rn...


Same happened to me. I'm pretty sure I hadn't read 20k. I think it has to do with percentages


Don't ask me m8 ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯


Look how close I am to regular!


@Steelhooves and @MelodiousParrot

I think the requirements say to read 50% of all posts made in the last 50 (or 100) days.
This is capped at 20K but maybe in the days you were active, fewer than 40K posts were made?


5K or less left! :clap:


Yes, I think that's right. Thank You!:slight_smile: