Regular badge! Liza!


List of people who need there regular badge. (Sorry if I forget u)





Also, you can't have more than a certain number of flags so that might be what's preventing you from getting it. :wink:


Me I read 25% past :100: days (I think)


Leaders can but don't usually promote people to regular, it usually is automatic.


Could you please join the collab


I had it but I went on holiday and I asked for it to be locked for a few weeks like they normally do but they didn't so I lost it :disappointed:


Well, the only thing you can do now is earn it again. I got mine locked for vacation last summer.


I had that too it's useful!!!


Ye I asked but no one replied....


Had you tagged any of them?
Maybe they didn't see it. Wait, it was before, when we had all the leaders, right?


Ye but I did tag Liza and that or email them I can't remember but I defo told them and know one locked it


Maybe they haven't been on regularly enough