Regular badge Leader please view!


Will I get my regular badge any time soon?

(I would have been on for more then 60 days it's because I had a heart attack and was in the hospital for 5 months..


Omg u poor thing a heart attack at ur age!


Yes I'm only 11 and I was very close to loosing my life


U poor thing I is here 4 u :):slight_smile:


Read my response on the other one @EmojiArts


I have but this will take forever to read


A heart attack?! You poor thing!


I'm pretty sure regular is earned by being on the forum for 100 days ;)


It's 50 out of
100 days


Yes I know but @EmojiArts has only been on out of 60 days


I hope you are okay! It must've been hard for you, it's very rare that heart attacks happen at that age!

Usually, the mods let you earn the badge if you haven't had it before. On special circumstances they promote you.


Hope you're okay!!

You've visited only 26 days, and the requirements say 50 days.

Also you need to keep reading :slight_smile:
You'll need 20K posts read to get Regular


Wow. I've read 50.1K.
And I'm still member XD


You've visited 11 days though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That's a lot read in less than a fortnight :open_mouth:


41 more days too go!