Regular badge help!


Just ask me if u need help or asking when u get ur regular badge! :slight_smile:


Me please!
When will I get it?


Me? I got me regular badge NEVER! I'm still member


You need to read 6.4k more posts @Periwinkle_Dolphin


Actually, I read more than 25%, but if there are more than 80k posts, you only need to read 20k so yeah @Himynameismeredith1


I think I should have it don't know why I have everything but the read 20k post thing


ive been waiting 4ever.:sob:


You need to read 4.1k more posts :D

@LotsaApples, you need to read 11k more posts :D


it took forever to get regular

it took forever and forever and forever To get regular

I was just unlucky that I got it so late


I'm glad you got regular eventually!:slight_smile:


How will you see that?


;-; why


I don't know what happened with me.

I woke up to it on my 50th day.


Probably because you aren't active D:

I suggest scrolling through the drawing topic until the green light next to the post fades away :D


Uhhhh ok thanks Hope I'll get it soon