Regular Badge Confusion



I want to ask everyone, what the difference between "Visits" and "Entered", you would see this when you do these:

Beside your profile pic, tap the tab with three horizontal lines.
Tap users.
Look at all the status.
You should see numbers referring to "Likes given", "likes received" etc etc etc.

My question is, what's the difference between "Visits" and "Entered". Im trying to get the regular badge right now and when I saw the requirements, I'm confused that:

I should get the badge when I entered the forum at least 50 times


I should get the badge when I visited the forum at least 50 times

Because in my case, they are synonyms (hope you understand that).
Is it different? Or same?


Hi @comicvillestudios I've had this question too :smiley:

This is from another topic


Thanks! I always appreciate your help! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


No worries @comicvillestudios :smiley::smiley::blush::blush::smile::smile:


Thanks @t1_hopscotch! Been trying to work this one out as I'm also trying to get to regular badge.


New question... Will I get the Regular Badge once I hit 50 Visits or I have to wait for more days to come??


Hello? Anyone? No ones gonna answer my question?


You have to be on the forum for at least 25 days in the last 100 days, read 25% of topics and posts in the last 100 days, and give out 50 likes or so.