Regular "Badge" Checkups [OPEN FOR THE 24th]


A lot of people, recently, have been asking me how close they are to being a Regular. Curiosity is good, so here is the topic to ask how close you are to being a Regular! I'll try to answer as many people as fast as I can! Other people can help as well by telling them how many days they probably have left, or other things!

For convenience, please don't ask again if you've already had a checkup in the past two days unless you are extremely close, meaning you have no more days and just a few topics to read! Also, only ask if you're a trust level 2 (member) or above!

Also, I won't be checking flags anymore! Don't worry about the amount of flags you have!

How Do You Become A Regular? :D
When do I get regular!?
How do I know how long I have till I'm a regular?
Why am I not a regular yet?
Not quitting, it's ok
How to be A Regular?
How close am I?
I Need Help! I Can't Change My Category!
How many days do i have left?
How Do You Become A Regular? :D
I didn't leave! Please read!
The regular question help plz
Types Of Topics

How close am I @Kiwicute2016? Sorry if this is inconvenient!


I'm a regular! Yay! But How many flags do I have? I'm curious


You've only been on 15 days, and need to be on 50 days! I would read a lot of posts and topics and give more likes!


Only 2!


How many do I have? (Right now) is it still the same number?


Oh that's good one of them was from someone randomly flagging. For some reason I keep thinking about what it would be like to be a leader


Do I have any flags @Kiwicute2016? Sorry again if this is inconvenient!


Still the same!


You have zero flags, and you aren't being inconvenient!


Thank you! I'm going to be on here more.


How many flags do I have?




7 ooooohhhhhhh I'm bad


How many flags do I have @Kiwicute2016?


How many flags do I have?


How close am I?
I really want to know


I'm almost expelled from regular


4 flags ;-; (I think)