Regret. (I'm sorry, guys.)


This is a topic of regret.
I'm sorry for my Rage topic.
I should'nt have been so rude and direct like that.
I will now stand in the corner of sins.



We all make mistakes.


Sorry, short term memory loss.
Were you there?


It's okay, but more thing...
please don't use the word "cancerous"


Yeah, that could be offensive in some ways.
(Oh have I mentioned I have cancer?)


(It's not that bad, though. My dad and I both have cancer.)


It's okay.

Like @Explorer_ said, everyone makes mistakes, even Princess Diana.
Mistakes is just part of life, and everyone has to get through it.
Actually we learn from our mistakes, to know that we shouldn't do it again.


It want a bad topic

I don't think drawings are useful

But ppl like to overreact


I love how people from different countries use different people as reference.


Wait. You have cancer? Stay strong?

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