Regarding Concerns about Self-Planting

Hey Hopscotchers!

Today I want to explain the newest amendment to our community guideline.

What is self-planting?
Self-planting as a feature is allowed in Hopscotch because a user is able to send themselves plants if they wish to.

Why don’t you just disable self-planting?
Disabling self-planting won’t make it any fairer because if someone has the will, they will create alternate accounts to plant themselves anyways.

Is there any benefit in having self-planting as a feature?
If people want to plant themselves and make their projects seen by the public, they are allowed to give themselves plants at the moment. My take on this is that it is similar to having advertisements for yourself.

There is also no real damage done by “self-planting.” The user will not stay on the Top Garden forever, as it is updated every week. Unless someone wishes to spend a lot of money and stay on top of the board every week, then their project should be out of the ranking by the end of the week. As long as they did not obtain those plants via illegal methods, such as hacking Hopscotch, technically it’s the same as anyone else purchasing plants.

It is unfair in competitions?
I can definitely understand this concern, but as I said, even if we disable self-planting, if they really want to vote for themselves, they will find a way to do that.

Let’s say if we disable self-planting, then people will eventually say, “this person is just making accounts and planting himself! It’s not allowed!” And at that point, it would be hard to try to distinguish the boundary between whose vote is genuine and whose is not.

Also, consider this: they will probably spend more money to win than the prize received, so technically they’re paying for the loophole! I think we should focus our energy on learning and coding better projects. I hope getting plants on Hopscotch is not the end goal for you, and I want to see you making more and more amazing projects!!

In addition, we also judge additional winner projects with the leaders and the Hopscotch team, so the community voting is only half of the prize. We look at a project’s technicality, design and other elements to decide winners.

I have more comments!

With that said, I will feedback to the Hopscotch team about this, and we might make future adjustments. Any discussions on Self planting in the forum will be removed as it is not productive and will get vindictive for the above reasons.

Of course, if you have any other opinions, I’d be happy to listen to them and report back to the team. Email us at Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the many reminders and explanations Yuanyuan! Very well written and hopefully it’s helpful to anyone with lingering questions


haha, this is becoming the constitution

Thank’s for the reminder. I’ll make sure to follow this guideline.


There really is no point in banning self planting it they have loopholes around it


Thank you for making this!


Yeah a lot of loopholes


This is good because banning self planting might make more people wanna do it.


You can make it so if the accounts were created on the same IP they can’t plant each other, but VPN’s are a thing…


exactly lol

thanks for the announcement and further explanation:)


Very true.
maybe a limit to how many plants they could give themselves? I get that there are loopholes, so this probably isn’t the best solution. Thank you for clarifications!


Thanks, Yuanyuan!
(Me: Stop planting me man!)
(My friend: No witnesses)


The thing is,
You can’t see if someone is asking people to plant them, because you can’t tell the difference.
You can track the views and compare them to the gained likes and plants in the last hour.
Because who would like and plant without viewing the game itself.
But you’d know if someone was self planting on different accounts because they wouldn’t have the time
You can see with the dates they started Hs
If Bob planted me 100 times
You would know he wasn’t me if he started Hs before I started
Another way,
This is less accurate
But you can tell by the time the planted, if they’re bunched up together = possible self planter
Far apart = normal hopscotcher who likes your game
But let’s leave it there.


100% well written
@TeamCreations sorry if you already saw this


Fair point. What’s the use of preventing them if there are multiple loopholes to go around it?


But then won’t they have to pay extra money for seeds, just to self-plant?
Also this is incredibly written, and it’s surprising how much information could go in just one subject.


Why would any company close off a way to earn money?


Why would someone go out of their way to buy a VPN just to plant themselves?


Lot’s of people already have a VPN so they wouldn’t really buy it but they are already using it. Also there are free VPN’s


Good point.

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The IP point makes the most sense imo. No one will go through the hard work of getting a VPN and a subscription for the sake of self planting.

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