Refugeecat and goobrgrlrye's general topic!


Hi @Goobrgrlrye! Lez chat!!


K its all done yayyyy


Yaaaaaaaay! Any way, u r meh very very good hopscotch fren! BTW, I will be right back, I am laying in meh hammock and it is kinda chilly out, and I need to go get another blanket to cover me, so yah.


K! Dis is gunna be funnnn


Lol i live in FL so its like 90 degrees


Btw do u like my profile pic? Its my cat tiger


How do i add pics to replys


Ur back!! Yayayayayay


I'm not sure how to add pics. On a phone anyway, but there is a pic button on the iPad. I'm not sure yet about on laptop though I'm getting one next month though, :tada::tada::tada::tada:



I know I'm not supposed to be over here, but this isn't very HS related and you could just chat in your general topic.
(if you don't have one, maybe @Goobrgrlrye's? Or you could just make one.)

Kinda welcome to the forum @Refugeecat123! XD


Umm sry i guess uhh i change dis to general topic


Oh. I don't have 1. But I can make 1 I guess. blink blink


ya i changed it


Nah it's fine! :D

Don't be sorry, just try to keep things HS related. :)




K i changed to general topic


Lets see ok

Dats refugee!!!!!


@Refugeecat123 I haven't really been on the actual hopscotch app, but I have been on the forum ALOT. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol, I think my cousin just said "lemon arm". XD


Hahahaha do u like my pic? Btw, i was wondering where u were on HS!!


Awwwwwwwwwwwww! He (or she) is adorable! I have a goat. I will try to post a pic, just a sec.


Yep!! He!! Wow! We just set up da hammok