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Refugeecat123's General Topic is where you can ask me questions, or just be plain random!!
How did you come up with your username?
When did you join HS?
What would you add to HS?
What is your main goal in HS?
Anyway, have fun!!!


Um... Was that meant to be rude? Um.. I guess...


idk wut u mean.. triggered???


ummmmmmmmmmmm will u explain


Actually, nvm.. U never explained


Triggered means it makes someone upset or mad about what someone just said.


oh.. I wasnt mad..........


@Refugeecat123 Whats your fav project on HS?


Hmmmm..... Probably mirror draw!! :D


Im here..
Lets talk about me leaving


Well, I mean, I don't have much more to say.

If you aren't really enjoying HS amd the forum, then maybe you should take a break; it doesn't have to be permanent (definitely not), or even very long, but it might help!
But I personally don't want you to leave.
Technically though, it's completely up to you, and how you feel.


Wanna talk about something HAPPY? :)


Yes, very good idea. :)

Are you drawing/coding anything right now?


Im coding thanks to psb for being so nice,
Trying to get a collab,
And drawing some outfits


Sounds awesome! :D
I bet they'll turn out awesome! (Both the drawings and the code)


And a surprise...
For a very special hopscotcher named @Caramel_Puffin...


R u coding anything new??


U still there?
Ok then


Oops sorry, I was experimenting on a project with exponential functions.

Currently I'm procrastinating on coding:

  • A medieval RPG (that's taking forever)
  • A HSF email simulator (also taking forever)
  • A spiderweb generator
  • An exponential function generator

What a surprise for me :0000
I've been trying to avoid dying lately. XD
Sorry Smishy
Thank you so much! :D


:slight_smile: how do i make mai text smalll!??? Ive been wondering