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hey so no posts from me for about a week


hi yes a bit off topic but it’s somewhat related to art so
okay so I can’t use my iPad until next Friday and i haven’t been allowed to post, but I have liked some stuff when I’m on my school laptop n stuff

When I come back I have a bunchhhhh of traditional art to post
Okay I gotta go back to not posting oof



hi yes remember when i posted my meet the artist and i said that i didn’t like people that disliked vines? The reason for that is becase there is a group of kids in my class that ha.te vines so much that whenever me and my friends quote them they report us to the teacher, leading to my parents getting emailed and i got grounded again.

thats why i put that
i had a reason


how many times has that happened, bc the way ur wording it seems like its been happening multiple times hmm…


Okay that sounds just mean…
The reporting part that is

And it’s also reminding me of my friend and i on Animal Jam joke-arguing over a boat decoration and someone comes up and says “we can share” lol


its happened 5 times
and one of my friends was suspended


ok but why do you keep doing it over and over then?

if ya do it outside of school where those kids cant hear you then ull be fine, but if you are walking into the wolfs mouth ofc bad stuff will happen.


yeah i agree, we shouldn’t do it during school. im not tryna make myself look innocent or anything but my friends dont listen to me

im always like “guys stop (insert name here) got suspended for this do yall wanna get suspended too??”
but they dont listen ://

and when they get in trouble they bring me down with em

like i said im not tryna sound innocent


well if you see them doing anything suspicious, distance yourself from them. they might be nice ppl or whatever outside of that, but its clear they dont have good intentions everytime they do that. get yourself out of it especially if theres no reason for you to be in it in the first place.


yeah, they’re nice people, but i dont get why they always do the same thing that gets them in trouble. and they, blame me??
eh its okay im trying to avoid em


the final thing u can do if they´re that persistent on getting you blamed too is report them yourself, as the person doing the reporting you most likely (i think) wont get penalized for it.

but thats a last resort, i dont think itd go that far but just sayin´.


yeah i dont think i’d report them but i might confront them


best of lucks dude, itd certainly be a hassle for me to deal with myself, and im sure it is for you too.


thanks, also i gotta go because of of the people that i was talking about is coming over
and i dont want em to see this


yeah ok, i shall ttyl


i really wanna animate the thing i’ve been working on but i canttt


which is the best

  • sprite cranberry
  • grape fanta

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Never had sprat cranbree but funky flavored colas are the best
Preferably pepsi


I’ve never actually had sprite cranberry either but I love every fanta because they’re just various bright colors like bright blue