Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


Lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch


Oh gosh

The ending words are so weird

Also update the water bottle lost


@tankt2016 happy Cakeday my dude

Yeet once again.




Thanks! It’s my anniversary of when I joined the forum.


Random stuff?
Here’s something random


Happy early birthday! :slight_smile:



Art website/blog I made today! Not too many posts yet



Okay I love writing, but I’m too scared to post my stuff anywhere

I’m sure you’re great!
btw nobody here will judge you everyone here is nice
Well besides the people who somehow figured out how to get past the filter and wound up suspended till 3018 but they’re suspended so


thank you!
but it says I don’t have access to it oof


my neighbor is blasting jojo siwa music please help


Blast your music back


I shall blast my lofi


It’s probably bc it’s in the random stuff category which only users with a rank member or above can access ;D


Ohh, okay thank you.


my hoodie collection is at about 12 right now