Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


ya lost oof

the answer is seis.


Oof spelling XD


ah well lol



Agggh spellcheck


diez of diez a diez diez.


— my bro from inside the shower


its once lol,



Isn’t it once? Or something I haven’t studied the numbers in a while


10 is diez, 11 is once.

this is like my final final countdown any second now the teacher will say for us to close our chromebooks or close our tabs oof.


guess whos back


Lol hi


ayyy stvh

oof my teacher’s coming be right back




ok so on the smartboard thing my teachers already naming the test assignment for all of us to see.

this is getting exciting, i can finally clear this thing in less than 10 minutes and be over with it lol.

and it has started brb oof.


okay my teacher went back to her table
i wanna see if wbf is blocked here


it’s not blocked but i’m using a trackpad so my stuff is gonna be really baddd

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hey, my teacher found me on wbf, so i gotta go


Yeet, I’m back on the whiteboard!


Happy birthday? That’s what cakes mean or is it like regular or we’re all the same but different?


I must go peeeps…
my teacher’s back again
time for social studies