Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


lol yes.

meanwhile im just dying of hunger since i havent eaten breakfast yet umu.


ahh you should eat something soon!
i dont usually eat breakfast since i’m never hungry in the morning


yeah but im on school rn lol, i cant get any food anywhere atm ;-;


thats sad : (
sorry about that


lol no need to apologize about things that aren´t your fault.

im actually getting lunch in 4 minutes to i just gotta wait lol.



that’s good!
we have an hour still


school will end for me in like 3:30 hours lol.

and for most of the day its like a free-ish periods bc study hall, driver´s ed having not that much work, and spanish thats soooooooo easy bc its my native language lol.


luckky we dont get study hall
at my old school i took spanish but i guess at my new one they don’t have it as a class?


my middle school only had arabic as an option oof.

now since im at highschool, i could either choose between french or spanish,i took the easy option on the basis that i get to do nothing during there so yeah lol.


last year they had mandarin, which i really wished they still had, but the teacher left so yeah oofazo.


i only had spanish and we HAD to do it, we didn’t do much we only had some quizzes ocassionally.


hola como estas amigilla mia?



¿Estoy bien, y tú?

sorry if i’m not good at this i learned literally nothing in that class except for how to count to 40


ok then lets play that game, my turn



okay, dos

your turnn




cuatro, and my teacher’s coming gotta hide real quick


oof ok answer whenever you can, no pressure.



My teacher’s blocking this, so I can’t post until I get home, which is usually around 4:00.