Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


is it ur actual birthday or did u just set a random date to get two cakes? lol


I just set it to today for two cakes lol


well now i can´t say happy birthday the day of your birthday oof.


Lol I’ll change it back


my birthday is less than a month now wow lol

16th birthday here i come.


my birthday is next month


happy early birthday!


super duper early birthday u mean lol. mine is 16th of february.


Happy month-early birthday!


oh, thats not too far away!


thank you so much! :slight_smile:


since you´re new id like to ask u this to observe stuff.

what do you think of my art?



this is my screensaver i love it


your art is really cute!!






i love that vine so muchhh


michael rosen has had a lot of memes and ytps back in his time lol.


he is a legend to me


Image result for michael rosen



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