Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


i post a lot and I’m really annoying


Nope. You’re fine.

You have really good art


Thank you, but I post like every 2 minutes



Yeah I know.

It’s perfectly fine tho, as long as it’s not spam, which it’s not.


Oh, okay. I thought it might get classified as spam, but I guess not considering no ones flagged me yet


Nope that’s not spam at all.

People usually won’t flag art on the drawing topic


Oh okay, that’s good…


UHHHHH someone cleared the wbffff


Okay, so m actually really mad
Who cleared the wbf? There was some REALLY good stuff there!!
I left for like 10 minutes to check tynker and deviantart and I came back to a clear canvas? Wow…


Yeah they always get trolled so I ask if people want to be tagged to one, then I tag them to an old post that I edited a wbf into


Ohh, it’s my first time posting one, so thank you for the tip!


that guy whose eyes follow you from around the room

my biggest nightmare in third grade

hecc yeah


he watches you and gets smug when you get an answer wrong


I didn’t tell u but i adore your art ;^;


ahhh thank you so much!


aye i drew a giant thing before the wbf was cleared


Whoa you’re so good
That is very very floofy


Thank you!
It’s the floof masterrr


it’s beauty
it’s grace


Teeny kewl balloooooonn