Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


Oof, that sounds better than my old class.
i didn’t even learn anything about coding there


Not to be annoying or personal but do you still have depressio.n? (Sorry it’s kinda deep) becaus I don’t really know how to deal with it


It’s okay, and I don’t really have depre.ssion, just when I was on rednoodles I vented a TON and there wasn’t really a reason. If you ever need to talk or you need help, @ me in my gt and I can help :slight_smile:


hi @kittenlife!
you know meeeee


hi I haven’t seen my doggo in months and tomorrow I get to see her again yes


Life is hard without Doggos


I agree


Lol last night I got in trouble for being negative. But I can’t be positive because I am a pessimist


I’m a pessimist too, I don’t really get in trouble but I think it weirds people out, sometimes people think im weird for being pessimistic.


Oh ya people always look at me weird cause I criticize and judge my own art ALL the time. Also girls were kicking me in the hallway for being weird


Oof, are you okay? Those girls
I make fun of my art a lot and my parents get so mad about it


My parents get mad that I hat.e my art and some people just think it’s funny


Yeah most people think it’s funny but my parents get so mad


And yet those people who laugh never know how much it hurts. Like you just getting torn up inside and churn, time over time


Oops, got into pending.
My response might not come out for a while sorry.


It’s ok. Also I drew this on my friends white board. Based off yours


oo ur good at drawing on wbfs!!


Thanks, also my parents still don’t know I have depressio.n


I saw this quotes and I was like…oof



this is the worst commercial ever but
any of y’all know that east hills mall commercial or nah