Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


Yes but no one really ever goes on my gt
Also hi!


Hi! Welcome to the forum!


Welcome To The Forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the welcome!


lmao the closest I’ve gotten to a snow day is me being sick for the past 3 days


lol which part of the country do u live in? im guessing south since those are the ones that get 80 degree climate all year long lol.


Actually I’m in the northeast, we’ve gotten snow but we don’t ever get snow days


oh lolazo thats true, i live in the good´ol tristate area and i can testify for that.

its really weird, like these past two years the amount of snow has been really low for some reason like its non-existing.


Yeah I mean we got snow like 3 times but it was just dust, I remember a few years ago it snowed like every week


literally a few days ago the climate was at like 60 and its like legit this season thinks its spring or something.


Yeah it just got warm for some reason, and we don’t even really need to wear coats or anything
Like 3 weeks ago it was down to 5 degrees


Is this the vent place you were talking about?


Feel free to vent here


Thank you so much. I really don’t have many places to vent because my parents are like “I don’t want to hear it” and kitten life (tynker) is getting full of venty things


I’m sorry, but if you ever need to talk, I’m here!


It means a lot. (This is getting deep😓) lol I am in computer class right now


Haha, I’m in ela but i finished my book early so i got free time :slight_smile:


I am supposed to be working on a project but I am ahead so I can have extra time


At my old school we had computer/coding class, but at my new one we dont


Oh we don’t code we just learn about like typing and all