Red's GT of Random Stuff ( no one ever comes here tho )


wow, nice

anyways it’s almost midnight here so gtg


oo okay bye!
im gonna go animate the thing


Yes sushi is very good I inhale sushi


I’m boutta get some


Lol I’m working on a big-ish school project rn so we ordered pizza


Wish AMC theaters had sprite cranberry bc sprite is the best and I nearly died of fizziness one time in front of my best friend then she said “don’t try coke if that was that fizzy”


Amc is the movie theater with the magic soda machine !! Yours has it?? Hhhhh


Yessss it is very magic :sparkles: :sparkles: and I always get sprite last time it was regular sprite mixed with strawberry


!!! YESS
I usually get Vanilla Coke lol
I love that machine so much lol


Yes it is the machine of endless soda dreams


luckyyy I don’t get those


I don’t know why I like the face so much???
I was just scribbling whY


This is the animation you were talking about ?
So cool
What app is this?


Oh, yes this is a frame of the meteorite thing :slight_smile:
The app is called FlipaClip, and its a good animation software in my opinion.

hi yes since I have nothing to upload have another frame sketch?


Hi yeah I know no one cares but
who’s the best

  • Nicole
  • Alex
  • Becca
  • Ethan
  • Jamie
  • Waffle

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Here’s my gt :smiley:


phil swift




hi! can people see this?