#ReDrawMyProfilePic! [OVER]


Hallo! This is a topik where I ask people to redraw my profile pic in their style!

I love to see new styles all around, so yeah!

Okay, so here is how it works. This is kindness of a contest/challenge/request. You redraw my profile pic in any color you want. You use your style, not mine. You can add anything you want, just draw it!

The best one will be selected my new profile pic :DD and GET a drawing request.

So pls join!



Wait what is your profile picture?

Can you give us the image!


Is it the one you are using now?


@Kubajr yes.

@Sweetlina see fire tpost. :DD


Cool, if I have time I'll definently try this! :smile:


Is so much! :DD


Ok I did it! :)


TYSM! c:


I hope you like it! :D


Thanks so much! I love how you added flowers in the background, it really brings out the drawing I love the hair and it's shading, very well done! 11/10! So kewl.


Thank you! :D




Which drawing pad?


Also totally no secret message in that post.


Any. You can use a drawing app as well.

@Dude73, it is amazing! I loved how you showed me in a kneeling position— I have thought of that before! I loved that you included a rainbow, it really brightened the art! The rainbow also made it colorful and pretty. I love how you created shades of greens for hills. I alsomlove the hair shading. It makes the drawing more realistic, something I love! 11/10. So kewl and amazing.


Aw, thanks! It really isn't very good, I rushed a lot. XD


Cracked it!


Can I draw it?(it also looks great)


Yeah! That's the point of the topik XD


Here's my re-drawing! It's my first art on ProCreate :D