Red Team Debate Topic!


Hello to all Red Team members!


Here, we can discuss and plan for the debates and the banner we have to make! :D




Okay! :D
So we're discussing how peer pressure is beneficial, right?


No, we are discussing how it isn't beneficial. :D


First I would say try making up a plan on how you will make da banner of your team
And what Gilbert said ^^


Dang it I knew that XD
Ok. :D


And now, we wait


Enemy in the camp :000000


Guys you should start


Are we coding this banner


Peer pressure can be dangerous because it is so easy to give in to your peers


Although it can be helpful it causes people to do dangerous things they would usually not do


How are we debating, anyway? Essays?


I will explain later xD
You're trying to do your banner rn and brainstorm ideas

Not actually debating tho


And the opposing team has 3 mods so... XD

Better try to think of stuff


Ok then XD


Why would that matter though?


because, xD


Yeah, we've got it team!


@Candycane you are now on team red!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!