Red Sox Team Topic for Baseball Coding Contest!


Members: (so far)

Pixel art happyfacegirl
Trail art @sweetlina
Sins and cos: happyfacegirl
Coolest background @Goobrgrlrye
Coolest game: @codingkit

*the projects do not have to be related to baseball

how does the draft work?
It will kinda be like a serpent. Whoever gets first pick the first round, gets last pick the second round. Whoever gets last like the first round, gets two picks instead of 1

The order
Red Sox
Red Sox
Red Sox

what do captain do
They draft their team
They assign their team members events
They spread positivity
They give feedback
They make sure their team turns in their projects on time

what does it mean to assign your team members events?

So let's just say that bob, joe, Sam and you are on the same team. You are the captain. Let's just say the four events are: best ballet drawing, pixel art, trail art, coolest dinosaur game. U then Have to assign one teammate to each event (including yourself). You may not do more than one event unless I ( ella_13)tell u that u can.

For example:
Bob- ballet drawing
Ella- dinosaur game
Joe- pixel art
Sam- trail art


I will choose drawing please


There is no drawing - do you mean trail art?


What are the events? If drawing is 1 of the events, could I do it? That is my specialty.


At the top it shows the events. Drawing isnt one :frowning:


Yeah I mean trail art!

I am SOO tired right now!


This is the link to where to turn ur projects in

U might wanna post the link on this topic. The projects have to be turned in by 5:00 pm on October 3rd.

So take ur time making an awesome project


Can I do trail art please!


Can I do background?


@DA-BEASTY and @codingkit which of the remaining events do u want to do?


I'll do game.


Sorry but just to help ur team. U gotta be more active:)

Or ur team will lose
So please work on ur project and turn it in by the deadline


What's the deadline?


@DA-BEASTY quit so just have someone ur ur team do two projects. Basically they have to do whatever category @DA-BEASTY was assigned and then whatever category there were assigned


Ok thanks :ok_hand:


GLITCH. IN. MY. CODE!!!!!!!!!
Ug. Just ug


Hmm... Maybe use a project that you have already published...?


Yeah. Good idea.


Deadline is in two days. Turn in ur project


Uh.... Well I still can't figure out why my game isn't working so this is my entry.