I do not have a hopscotch account.

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Please sbyp!! There is already a topic like this, could you recycle?

this is the topic, yours is almost the same! we don't want to clog the forum, maybe recycle!! :DD

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There can be more than one topic for collaborations.
For example, more than one topic can be about making a Chess game.

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Well, umm

You are right, but, this is technically a group, so, if this person wanted to make an idea like this, they could join the group!

Anyone can have whatever groups.
There can be more than one pizza game group.

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So, if you click on that link I showed you, you would see that there is a group for this, so if you like the idea of this, you could join the group there is already. For example, if there is a chess group, then someone makes another chess group, the original creator should get credit. You can keep this, actually, but please give credit to @TACOCODE who made the first topic, and if you really like the idea, you could join the other one if you want to! But if you don't, I completely understand.

There was another topic that was doing the exact same thing.

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Yes, but it is most undoubtedly a free idea. Anyone could have thought of this idea.

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Not at the moment.
I was introduced to the forum by someone I know in real life very well, @Snoopy.

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but you should still probably give credit to the original creator
only becaue they created it first
sorry I can stop now

Snoopy has told me that somebody already has the username "PinkMarker" on the Hopscotch App. Alas, I cannot make an account on Hopscotch.

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But then it would seem like I am a second account. But I am most definitely not a second account.

TACOCODE is the creator!

Yes, probably if I have enough time. I am quite busy. I visit the forum only when I have enough time to. It is a pastime for me, not an addiction.

Hmmm, I like Pink Marker, but I am afraid that PinkMarker would think I am being an account imposter. I also like Corn on the Cob as a username. Thank you for helping. I will make an account called Corn on the Cob later in the day.

@Ref and @PinkMarker, could you delete your posts so I can recycle my topic? Thank you!