Recycling Topics



Cmon, admit it. We all make mistakes.
What if someone accidentally makes a topic?
"close this lol please f4lo"
Instead of that, I present to you, RECYCLING topics! :slight_smile: (idea from @Kiwicute2016)

How does it work?

If you accidentally made a topic, or someone wants it closed, don't ask for it to be closed! Instead, save it up and use it for another topic!
Ex. @OrangeScent1 made a topic about march madness, but @Gilbert189 made one already
@OrangeScent1 can save that topic to edit again, to reuse.

Just as you recycle paper in real life, you can do it with topics too!
@PopTart0219, @moderators, please ask this to a person before "closing" their topic. Also, look at the closing topic rules for more info.


I made a topic exactly like this Xd


Did you get this from the idea kiwicute gave me in my topic?


Yep! Which is why I tagged Kiwicute.


When? O_o


I remember that topic XD

beat you OS XD


sigh I'll get the link


This might be a problem because you wouldn't see it in newest anymore, but overall, GREAT IDEA!!! Nice topic :wink:





Nothing happened.


Everything happened.