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Nevermind, this is a bad idea


I´m sorry to say this, but doesn´t Discord count as “communication outside the forum”?


In some cases yes, but I feel like I can moderate it well enough so that nothing personal gets shared, and if it does that person will be banned,


Okay. I don´t know then.


I wish I could but I’m not allowed


Could i perhaps be a modorator? I is experienced in the ways of discord


Well, all I’m gonna say is that well… it’s better moderated then the fourm itself


Same here… I’m actually working on a project on discord right now with my friend

Edit; I’m in!


I’m in it. My name isn’t the same as on here. It’s NekoGamers. That username has been around with me for awhile


Ok you are a moderator


I’ll join at the end of the day my school blocked it


There’s already a HS discord but ok


I will join, but if any users join by the names of Mac bane, Riflefoxx, or chemistry alligator join in please note they are not very kid appropriate. I will join once I’m ungrounded my user is Pistolwolff (thats my gamer user name) and chance I could help mod


you’re staying muted until you change your name, imposter ):<


this is identity theft >>>:(


I can also help with moderation… I dont care if you do or not, but just cause


Wow. Just wow. Do you really think this can work? People have made external forums before, and none of them have had success. I would suggest to stop.


If you want regular you have to verify with me that you actually have an HSF account.


I’m going to bookmark this topic in case I get a discord account, but I probably won’t.


By who?