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Making my own currency, where you can buy stuff from me, if you wnat to use it get permission from me first.

How To Earn ForumerBucks:
-Get paved for doing a Forum job (like Hopscotch News or Manager for ForumerBucks)
-Getting featured
-Being nice in general
-Randomly awarded by me

What to spend them on-
So, if other people decide to use this forum currency, they will have their own shop in their topics, for people to use their ForumerBucks to buy whatever from them. The money then goes to them.
My Own Personal Shop:
30 Spamlikes-50 Forumer Bucks(Unavailable Till Tommorow)
100 Spamlikes-150 Forumer Bucks(Unavailable Till Tommorow)
Small Pixel Art Request-300
Large Pixel Art Request-500
Word Cloud Request(Up to 20 words)-100
Simple Background Request- 150

How to get started:
1.Sign up, just say, "I want to sign up"
2.I will accept you and put you on the list and start you off with 100 ForumerBucks
3.I will add any bonuses to the starter money listed here:
Donation from someone(# sent)
Participation in HS News(+50 ForumerBucks)

How to donate money:
To donate money, just ask me. There will be a 10 ForumerBuck service fee, And the money you sent (-10 ForumerBucks) will be sent to the person. If the person has not yet signed up yet, they can collect it as soon as they join. For example, if you want to send 100 Forumer Bucks to someone, pay me 110 ForumerBucks.

Manager-Helps me organize things around here. Can not give out patents. Gets paid 25 ForumerBucks a day.



Making your own store supported by ForumerBucks-
First, ask me, and give me 3 items you will sell in your store and their prices, if I think it will keep the ForumerBucks economy stable, then I will allow you to make your store! Any further items you wish to add will require me to check them over first. This means you can sell these items at your store that will be supported by the ForumerBucks economy, which will hopefully get you more ForumerBucks to spend else where!
List of people who have signed up-

List of people who have signed up and their current balance

@RavenclawGirl -$100
@yaygirls -$50
@Stal98 -$100

@OMTL @TheCoders
@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo is this ok? Can it be made “official”?


Although this is a good idea, I think you should ask the mods first.
If the mods say it’s okay, I also think that you shouldn’t make people pay to have their own store, because they can make their own store anyway.


I’m pretty sure the mods think it’s okay because there have been things like this before. But I do think that you should either not have the option to have a patent for your own store with the money, as you should just be able to ask and then do it.


I think you should do it like this, with the post on wiki:

ForumerBucks, FB for short

We will have personal currencies, where you can buy stuff from other people using their points, and each person participating having their own personal forum currency topic. There will also be a mass forum currency topic for the main rules and guidelines, as well as a list of all the people who have forum currencies.


If you want to participate, edit this and put your name in, as well as linking your topic

FB Participants

@ExampleForumer -

How To Earn ForumerBucks

  • Having jobs such as the being on the Hopscotch News, Being a Club Member, personal jobs (Codeing advice, art advice)
  • Winning Challenges
  • Winning Forum Games

What to spend them on

Ideas for Your Shop

  • Likes on Forum
  • Likes on Hopscotch
  • Follows In Hopscotch
  • Art Requests
  • Game Requests
  • Pixel Art Requests

How to get started

1.Sign up on the mass forum currency topic

  1. Create your own topic with this title: @_______’s Forum Bucks Store


Nice but I agree with @RavenclawGirl said!


I’m up for it if the mods say it’s ok! :slight_smile:


Ok I didn’t completly copy and paste but I added some of your input by removing all prices for buying a shop.


Okay, great! Then I would like to sign up!


Ok. I also tagged some active mods.


Can I sign up for this? I like to make people’s days!


Ok I added you to the list. We still have to get confirmation from the mods.


How much would be earned from completing the things you have listed? I’m just asking because if FB’s are easy to earn the people providing things at the shop would need to be able to provide constantly for all the patrons of FB’s (idk if patrons is the right word but imma use it)


Yeah!! I’l join pls @HopscotchRemixer!!


Ok I will sign you up @Stal98. @MyPizza let me read over your comment in a second.


I think it was like 25 FB per day for working in HS news, everything else can be 10-50 FB depending on what you do. Like being mildly kind might earn you 10 FB but being really kind might earn you 40 or maybe even 50 FB


Hello. Can I have thirty spam likes?


Yeah I will subtract from your account right now.




I don’t know how many I gave you, but it was a lot,


Yep! I will be making more money…


this is cool! it would be made better by a bot to organize it and keep track of money, but lets not go there