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What is a regular? What about a leader? A moderator? How do I become one? In @Anonymous's point program post, he/she said "For Regulars only." What does that mean? I would like to know what it is.


Those are all ranks. The longer you stay non, your rank is upgraded! THT chooses moderators and leaders


All those are trust levels!


You get regular after 50 days of being in the forum, the badge grants you different settings that members and below can't access!


They are ranks it goes in this order
Basic, member, regular and only get leader and moderator if you get promoted by THT
You have to meet different requirements to get to them


Basic: New users on the forum have a limited amount of likes and comments avalible to use on their first day.

Member: Users have been on at least 3-4 days? Correct me if I'm wrong. Members are able to flag and they have a higher like ratio than basic users

Regular: to earn regular you cannot earn more than 5 flags in 50 days. These users have been on the forum for a while. Your daily like ratio is increased. Regulars also have special access to the lounge.

Leader: Leaders have usually been around Hopscotch the longest. They have to be promoted by THT, Leaders can split, merge, close topics ect. Basically they help keep the forum running, If you need help the leaders will always be willing to lend a hand :)


Actually, for Regular I think you need to have joined for 100 days and logged on and did something on the forum for 50% of those days.


Hmm...:thinking: I just said that because I was on the forum for exactly 50 days and then I got reqular :joy:


How do u know if u got a flag?


You get a notification