Recycled topic, nothing interesting


Nope. I only remember seeing 5 projects in the GIF

Sort of off topic

i need some names of ww1 vehicles for a science project. Actually screw this, I'll just do it myself. Sorry.


I think yours is on the app so you made it!


Exactly 5, or is was there more and you just forgot. And did it say the rest was on featured.

When am I ever going to achieve something else than featured? I'm getting quite impatient.

Soz for all these questions


Post above your post
Trendings or maybe rising. Probably game changer. Having one of your games made into a tutorial I think is already a big enough honour.


Yes it's on the app. It moved up on featured. So? It made it?


What do you mean hen you say trending, rising, game changers?


i never get famous do I?


You may not be famous, but you're humble, and kind!


Nuke. I hate this topic. @TheRealBlah watch and learn




Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Oh wow! I barely made any progress XD.


Wait it’s still working something wrong is going on here


But isn’t it still working a good thing?


It’s supposed to crash


Oh. Well, I guess they fixed it or something.


This one crashed my system (hahaha so funny).


Oh so that’s how you do it?


:joy: all the @system’s
That’s great :joy:

I can’t even view the replies :joy:


Wait why can I ?