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This is not arrogance, it’s my curiosity.

So, I have noticed people are, and aren’t saying that Jedi adventures made the best of 2016, I have no idea, and I want to find out. Here I’ve made some points:

  1. It moved up 5 places on the featured channel, above The Hopscotch Team’s project on the best of 2016 next to A Sheep Game, now being twelfth.

  2. You may say that it wasn’t advertised but, nor were some of the other games, only 6 or 7 were, THT said that the rest were on featured.

I really have no idea if it made the list or not but, I’m happy with the result!

Please dont argue with me, as I have NO idea. @Liza, @Rodrigo, @montoya, @meg, did it? Just curious.

25 minutes till 2017 here!!!

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25 mins until 2k17?? Really?

It's 7:35 am in 2016 for me right now


Hm... Did you nominate that project for '#BestOf2016?


I said 'here', not in New York.


Different time zone!


I did, so did about 20 others.

It seams like it made it.

Thanks for being a great friend @DinoProductions


Then, congratulations!
Your welcome, your rlly a great fren too!


Yes I know that

Jeez don't be rude

I was just surprised that u were a day ahead

And I don't live in New York


He wasn't being rude.


She calls everyone rude.

I said I'm not sure if it did, that's not rude.


Please don't talk like that ... Please


This seems rude to me

And I I don't call everyone rude

Only a select few

And I don't like to call ppl rude do u really gotta do something special for me to call u rude


What did I do now?

Is jeez a rude word?


No no no
It's fine, sorry
I'll just go


Can we stay on topic. Anyone know?


3 minutes left till 2017


Nope, 5 hours and 57 minutes. Oh, you're in a different timezone!
Happy New Year anyways!


Thanks fren!


I deleted her mean projects. Is she game_reviews?!


Woah you are ahead of me by like 12 hours :joy::joy:

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it was the top ten games.