Recycled Topic! :D


Can someone please help recycle this topic? :smile:



Please stop making spam topics


Stop spammin.g topics or I'm gonna tell on tou


Whoever is posting spam on this account needs to stop. I will personally contact a moderator and explain what is happening if this continues. You know who you are, and it is incredibly immature to do what you have been doing. Please, contribute to the conversation kindly, respectfully, and appropriately. Thank you. :smile:

I apologize for the commotion.

-Intellection 74


what.....? how.....? huh....?


I'm sorry @Fried-Chicken this is the hopscotch forum. This is not some blog with you're friends. Please make HS related topics not random stuff. And @Intellection74 didn't post that. I see you put that.


I'm @Intellection74. :smile:

@Fried-Chicken is a public account, and someone has been misusing it. :frowning:

@Periwinkle_Dolphin @Murphy1


Hi @Periwinkle_Dolphin is here to fix this public account. So far I tried to change the profile pic.