Recycled! So yah


@Liza, there is a hopscotcher called blackcadillac and I think he is breaking community guidelines. He said he likes making people sad and angry and want to leave. Can u please help?


I really want to say something, but ill get flagged.
So I will try to say it in a way nicer way,

Im sure its not something to be banned over. That does not seem like a good of enough reason ¯_(ツ)_/¯
But I dont know. It could be a troll. I would ignore it


Gilbert(o) beat me to it


BlackCaillac said I should quit because this is a bad community but this forum is an excellent community because people get to help you

Should I quit Hopscotch and the forum?

Oh. I do not know their email addres.s though.....


Okay, I am going to recycle this if that is okay.


Sure. It is up to u!