RECYCLED! Recycled so?


Wow! @mobcraft has liked me 101 times!!!!!

Someones old genral topic so dont like or reply or anything

Idk why I'm posting this!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Try not to make a new topic for every little thing, post this in your general topic :wink:


@KVJ has liked me 206 times lol


If you posted it in your general topic, then why do you need a new topic?

Also, I had a bunch of people to spam like but I don't get to everyone. I changed my bio anyway lol


I posted this 4 min. ago and it's already got 7 likes!!!:smiley::smiley:
That's never happened before!


@KVJ has liked me 678 times! Anyways LGBOT


You should make this a who has liked you the most topic!


You don't need to make a topic for every little thing :wink:


MobCraft liked mine more than anyone tooooooo


Ive already made a who's liked you the most topic so this is kind of a recycled topic??


hey um i have a topic for this... please do not make a topic for everyone bc it fills up the forum​:ok_hand:🏼


Wait, what is the point of this​:sweat_smile:

As @bluedogmc-official said, you don't need to post this here,
We don't like having little unnecessary posts clogging up the forum, so please. :wink:


Oh, I just looked at the title... Sry!


Can you show me the link???


Recycling was a good choice, now you can use this topic when you need to make a new one!


Whats your name on HS???


Sorry, but I don't remember, I don't really use hopscotch anymore because I'm now learning jquery, HTML and jsprocessing on Khan Academy.
I don't have the app anymore


I gave u a shoutout in my bio!!


Oh, thank you​:smile::sweat_smile: