Recycled, I'm happy like normal :)


This is recycled.:::: c


That's So Awful, My Life Is Hard Too, My Sister Is Rude To Me, My Best Friend Moved, I'll Know Nobody At My New School But Somtimes Bad Days Can Teach You A Lesson, A Lesson That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes I Have Bad Days But I'll Always Feel Better The Next Day, You Are Not Horrible, You Are Amazing And If You Want To Show Everyone Your Amazing, Do It.


It's okay.
Everything will be alright.
Even though when anyone says that to me it's never alright.
You can still talk to me, don't worry.


We're All Here For You :3


Sorry to hear this! :grimacing:

Is there a way to make this related? Maybe code an apology card?


I guess this needs to be recycled @smishsmash @codingcupcake123 @Intellection74 @Gilbert189 @kvj @BlueStarGirl @friendship2468


Um, No?
I Don't Really Know


I meant delete ur posts.


I went about the situation all wrong. My dad helped me :hugging:


I really like your profile picture so I'm borrowing it for a day! :D
Or I stole it. :0


They're taking over :00000