[recreated] Request Projects for me to Play on Youtube


I have a youtube channel that is mainly going to have HS videos but some other random stuff I feel like putting there.

Link: http://tinyurl.com/MootatoYT

"Galactic Parkour" Challenge with FoodDelivery and AwesomeJediE

lol the commentary is so awkward on this video

I challenged AwesomeJediE to any score based game, he accepted, this happened. He also invited FoodDelivery to join, so yeah. Links to their channels are in the description of the video.

Form for Project Request
Project Name:
Your HS Username:
Brief Description of Project:
Link (Not necessary but preferred):

I'll try to get at least 1 video out each week, probably more.

if you have a video idea plz tell me thx


Form for Project Request
Project Name: FLOW
Your HS Username: happyfacegirl
Brief Description of Project:
Based on app that is a puzzle - connect all of the sets of dots that are th same color and make sure you fill up the whole grid

Hang on ill get you the link :slight_smile:
EDIT: ok here :p


Alright, I'll probably be able to get a video of that up by tomorrow.


Thank you!!! :-D


Sorry it's taking so long, I returned my computer that I use for editing and am getting a new one. Once I have my new PC (which I should have by tomorrow) I'll edit my video.


Ok! Thanks for letting me know!


@happyfacegirl Nevermind, my gaming PC doesn't come with wifi. I have to wait for a wifi adapter too, so it's taking even longer >:c


Ok! Again, thanks for letting me know!


ok I finally have the wifi adapter now I can work on the video



finally done lol


Awesome! Thanks for making it!


Omg I didn't know that many of the HSers were on Youtube XD