Recover a character that is off the screen

My students are losing characters off the edge of their screens. How do we get them back?


When you go into code for any object, you’ll see a little eye icon with some lines near the corner of the screen. Press on that, and you can get the code for all of the objects in your project, even the lost ones.


Hello! I think that @treefrogstudios does have the solution. If this is what your students editor looks like:

Then, it does work. To change the position of the character in the game, you do have to use some kind of “Set position” block, or another kind of movement block in the beginning of your code.


Hello! I usually tilt my screen and rotate it. If you need help, type @Kitty4U.

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As others have suggested, I would usually just set the object’s position via code. However if the object isn’t too far off the screen, you can get the object back to the Stage.

In the Editor, refer to images below. Tap the icon of the object in the title bar. The object selection bar will come up on the bottom. Select the text object. This will change the object to a text object (keeping all the code). Enter a long string of characters as the object’s text. Now go back to the stage. The text object should be much wider than the original object making it overlap onto the screen where it can be dragged back to the middle. Then reverse the procedure to change the text object back to the original object.