Recording projects?


So…you know how you used to be able to video projects on HS? Okay, I’ve never wanted to video a project, but now that I do, I realize that the button isn’t there anymore. Just wondering, why was this taken away?

Device: iPad Air 2 (I think)
Latest App Store version of Hopscotch


I just did a video recording 2 days ago on HS and uploaded it to the forum

Try killing the app and re-loading it (don’t delete it do the swipey thingo)

If that doesn’t work, try restarting your device

If that doesn’t work, maybe it’s hidden and put in a different location. I’ll put up some pictos


Picture is up. I closed out the app and it didn’t work. I also reststarted my iPad and it didn’t work.
Should I change this to bugs in Hopscotch?
Lemme check the app store


Yeah, maybe there’s an update that fixes the bug. Idk

I’ll posto some pictures


I mean, it should be that dark red circle button in the top left, right?
Hmmm :thinking:


What kind of device do you have?


In IOS 11 there is a recording option in the control center. Use that


Yeah…but I don’t have it. Let me add my device, etc.


Hey, sup man
Did you get a photo of the blood moon?


Which model iPad do you have?
If it’s too old, they won’t do the HS screen recording


Good question I have no clue


Oh yeah! It wasn’t too good of a pic, though

Blue blood moon!

It did get really dark red! It was awesome!


No way! That’s sweet!
I’ve been waiting for so long for them to do that!

immediately updates to iOS11


The sky was red in the West this morning, but…trees.

Anyways, that button used to be there. Let me update my iPad…brb


Which model iPad do you have?

If it is an iPad 3 (or maybe 4 as well) they won’t have the screen recording option

I believe on Air and above they’ll let you do it. Double checking


I have an iPad Air 2…I think. If not, it’s just an iPad Air…I know I used to could record…okay, I’m about to update


Hmmm :thinking: Weird

Yeah, try updating, that’ll work


It should work…if it ever downloads


Did you update the app or your iPad?


My app is updated…but I’ll have to update my iPad tonight…it won’t do it rn bc I’m at 28% battery