Recording on Hopscotch


Can you record on Hopscotch on the I-Pad? Because on my I-Phone you can but when I checked my I-Pad it didn't have it!! Can someone help me?!?


Idk about that, you might want to ask a regular/leader/mod/THT......

Tag someone if you need to


It only works on newer devices (I'm not completely sure which ones, though). :frowning: It doesn't work on my iPad either (it's really old), but it works on my newer iPod.


i was gonna say the same thing but...u posted first :stuck_out_tongue:



off topik
_thanks for the like in HS _


Is your iPad a new-iPad? Like a recent iPad?


I got my iPad a year ago. But I am getting a newer iPad in about a week!!


Thanks!! Hopefully my new iPad has it!!


That's weird. Is your hopscotch on your iPad updated? :0


Yes I just did :joy:


How do you record on iPods?



Mine is one of the newest iPods. There's a red button in the corner of your project after its published. When you click the button it starts recording. @Malie


That's weird, I remember the THT saying that the recording is only with newer-generation iPads. Both my phone and iPad have the recording button.


I think I know what devices have this feature. I think it should only work on 64 bit devises. If you are not sure look up all 64 bit Apple products. If I am wrong plz correct me. Also they show up for me I have an iPad Air and an iPhone 5s