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Hi @Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo

Is it possible to add a “recorder button” to the editor? It would be a significant help when trying to assist someone with their code if one could simply record themselves making changes & post the video. The alternatives seem to be just publishing the changed project with general descriptions of the changes or taking screenshots of any code that’s changed and editing the screenshots with comments (takes far too long for all but the simplest edits).

It’d be nice if the app could promote collaboration and facilitate the exchange of ideas.


Might screen recording in iOS 11 help with this?


Does iOS 11 allow users to record video of the screen similar to taking screenshots??

(I still have iOS 10.something)

Edit: I Googled it. And you can narrate the video too! Sweet. Thanks @MR.GAM3R

Seems like that should be great for explaining code fixes or creating tutorials.


iOS 11 is great and you should get it. With screen recording, You can make a video that records everything on your device. @ me if you need help finding out how to use the screen recording feature.


That’s interesting about iOS 11! We also have the record button, though you can only use it for published projects. It sounds like maybe we don’t need it anymore if iOS 11 will do it natively.


I think you can, isn’t it? If you start recording when you’re playing you
can switch to the code. We’ve thought about it a lot. I personally hope we
can come up with better ways to “package” and “share” code.




Cool! I got the iOS update, but I’m not sure about all the new features yet, I’m still figuring it out. How do you screen record?


Here is some more information I wrote a couple of days ago. The screen recording feature in under “Control Centre”.
@IShallNotBeNamed @KoalaKrazy

Siri has a new voice! She no longer sounds like a robot. But in order for some people to get it, You have do download it. To download it, Go into the Settings app. On the left side, Click “Siri & Search”. Then on the right side, Click “Siri voice”. At the top click “American”. Then at the bottom there is two buttons(Male & Female). You can choose if you want a Male siri or a Female. I think the Female sounds way less robotic so I reccomend that. Then it will start downloading. It may take a long time, Though!

Control centre
The control centre looks way differant. (On iPad).
Here is an image :


As you can see, It looks very unusual at first glance. On the right side, It has all the things like volume up, Change the britness and way more things. If you want even more options, Go into setting, On the left side click control centre. Then on the right side, Click customise controls. Then you can add or remove toggles. I reccomend adding the screen recorder one. It’s amazing!
On the left side of your control centre, it has all the apps you recently played (when you used to double click). You can swipe up to remove the apps from playing in the background, Or tap on them to play them.
There is two ways to acsess the control centre. One is to double click the home button. Another way is to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

New Wallpapers
I used to think the Apple wallpapers ugly and useless. Now, they added so many more! But they also removed some. I don’t understand why they would remove them. Here they are:


The Dock
The dock is undernneath where all your apps are. It is like another row for your apps. On the dock, It has a faint line. On the left side of the line, You can drag your most favourite apps for easy acsess. On the right side, There is your most recent apps you used.

I know, Lots of people hate the new layout, But sometimes a change is good. Just like hopscotch went from looking more like scratch to what we have now.

Old hopscotch


So if you dont like it now, Get used to the future. (No, I didnt make a typo in future)

I found a really funny bug. I was getting ready to go to bed, Then my iPad played music as loud as it could go. I couldn’t stop laughing! Tag me if you want me to add more bugs you found.

Drag & Drop
Click this video to find more about Drag & Drop. It may be useless now because not many apps use it, But in the future it should be much more useful.

As you may have noticed, The keyboard has little symbols under the letters. When you swipe down on a letter, It will type the symbol. I have heard many people dislike this function. I know how to turn it off! You go into the settings app. On the left side, Click “general”. Scroll down to “Keyboard” on the right side. Then there should be a heap of switches. There is a switch near the bottom that says “Enable keyboard Flicks” You can untick that.

There is a few small changes for iMessage.

  1. You can mute people by swiping left

2.There is a new filter for texts. To get them, Hold on the send button

New filter

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this is a school iPad, so we can’t update it…yet. Until they say so.


Just go and remind the teachers that iOS 11 is out


ITs in settings >control center.


Aren’t there already apps that can assist with this?


Yes, but this is screen recording built into iOS. You need to get those apps from a third-party site, and did not always work.


Thanks, this was very helpful, especially the screen recording feature!


yeah–the control centre is customisable so just go into settings on your device, go to control centre, then you should be able to add screen recording. Now when you open Overview (multitasking, for closing apps, double-click home or swipe up from the bottom of the screen several times (two??)) the control centre pops up and you can click the record button.