Recording Button Thing?


Okay, I know this question has been asked before but all the answers didn't help me. I have an iPad 2 and I still don't have the red button to record. All my apps update automatically, and I even checked and there aren't anymore updates for Hopscotch so far. Also, my iPad is updated to iOS 9.1.2


Only certain iPads can have the recording button! Your iPad is too old for it. :grimacing:


Dang. Oh well.......


Yeah sadly you need a iPad Air or later!


I have an ipad mini and it doesn't work


I think iPad 4s and afterward have them
(ex iPad Air and iPad Pro)
EDIT: iPad Air
I think it's because of replaykit and the devices it supports.


I have it! :sunglasses: I can't believe our school gave us iPad airs!!!!


We have the iPad Air 2!

cough cough @MobCraft, this reminds me of @danyangjr's iPad talk cough cough (Inside joke :yum:)


We have iPad Air 1s, iPad Air 2s have Split View


Really..? I never knew that! :sweat_smile: