Record Option for iOS 9?


I have seen most people with the record option, which iOS 9. I have iOS9 and I don't have that. Is there something wrong?


Older devices don't have the record option..


What generation iPad do you have?


I have I think the air1


That's weird, I have an iPad Air 1 but I have the option?


And our school iPads have iOS 9 and my friend SnowPotato has it.


Weird 🤔 Omg I got my likes back yay


Yay! And I heat checked it is an air1


Weird..if it's a school iPad it might have been disabled


Should I upgrade? Tonight, of course


It isn't a school iPad, it's my deceased grandmothers. I have a school iPad as well, but I rarely go on it


I think you have to have iOS 9.1 or over for the record button feature


Thank you, t1.

:unamused:. Really. 9.1. Meh I have 9.0 :sweat_smile::joy:


Yep, use iOS 9.1, not 9.0


Any iPad generation 2 and up you can record with and IOS 9.1 and up like @t1_hopscotch said.


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I have iOS 9.2 with an iPad mini 2.. No recording button :frowning:


Are you on the current version of hopscotch and/or have iOS 9.1 and up.




You shouldn't use heat detectors on an iPad that's illegal you can't unlock it it's illegal