Recommendation to help keep the forum “in check”


I’ve seen a lot of talk about the forums being “off topic” even in “off topic topics”. (If that makes sense). I’d like to make a recommendation.

On the other forum I am active on, the other Beta testers and I are allowed access to a category that nobody else has access too. It is called the Dump category. That category is used for one purpose: dumping bad threads.

Seeing that getting regular seems to be a challenge at times here due to the constant flagging, what if a category similar to the Dump category was made here? Regulars would be able to click the pen icon near the names of topics and then can move the topic into the Dump category to hide it from the public.

Seeing that this could be abused by regulars, if any regular creates topics intentionally or continues to post on topics in the Dump, they could lose their rank as regular.

I feel this would be helpful to eliminate clutter from the forums, especially if somebody posts something bad. People can still see the bad content even if it is flagged. The topic could instead be dumped so not as many people would see it. This would also allow a way to “delete” topics. It won’t really be deleted, so if it does have bad content the curators will still be able to see it.



so this is basically lounge…?


That’s a really good idea! Would you be able to email Liza about it? I’m hoping to get regular soon to help with that (about another month to go…)


it’d obviously be abused by the new regulars ( i got reg in january and i never have put anything in lounge so not me) and we already have the lounge?


Interesting idea :D
You should probably tag @Liza


This is not something THT can handle (well, with their busy schedules and all). The people who make forums like these are from Discourse. You should ask them.


Maybe hidden for 24-48 hours to keep GTs from getting locked in dump?
@DECODECO yeh, I forgot lol, but the thing is, THT can create categories and I believe they can limit them to certain members as well


Yes, they can. Most regulars (or almost all of them I’ve seen) are responsible enough to manage topics. I just hope leaders and moderators can be added back to the forum soon.


talking about THT there lol.
Maybe it could go hand in hand with leaders/moderators coming back. People with trust level 3 can put it in dump, and people with trust level 4 (THT, Leaders) could review the topics and move them accordingly.


Yes, I understand that. I was talking about THT in the first sentence and Regulars in the second, just so you know.


OOH okay lol, misunderstood it then


That is a really good idea! I think that the lounge could be used in a similar way, but that might make new users confused. When I earn Regular back (which I will, I lost it somehow and I’m on every day so…), I might use the lounge for that sometimes, but most likely not. Ask THT, I think!


@ExquisiteSoup not quite. I’m not familiar with the lounge category but the Dump category should be explicitly for dumping bad threads. Not lounging around or chit chatting.

@DECODECO it should be something they can handle. The Blockheads has 1 community manager, and the forums there are pretty busy as well. She did this exact thing on there and it works great and helps her out a lot. And, it is also a Discourse forum, so I know it’s possible.


the lounge isn’t for chit chatting, regulars just use it to put topics that are problematic


Then why on earth is it called lounge? The title seems misleading to me.


i mean, it was made for regulars talking about Advanced™ stuff but like no regulars do that so it’s basically a dump category now