Recommend Apps or Websites Good for Coding!



Hi! In this topic, you can find and/or recommend apps and/or websites that can be used for coding. And I don’t mean just coding things, I also mean things that can help find colors, edit images, or something else that can help with your Hopscotch projects or things you are coding outside Hopscotch! So if you know a website or app that you use to code or help with code, recommend it! Thanks!! :)

Also, here’s a recommendation mainly for Hopscotch subscribers to help with images: The Magic Eraser app. You can use it to make backgrounds on images transparent so that when you use the image in Hopscotch, you won’t have some random background or white square standing out on your actual background! It’s very useful, and it’s free! :D

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First like and reply! This is great! I support Scratch. It helped me when I was at school a lot!


I like scratch too…



Also, yes, Scratch is very cool. I haven’t really used it much because I don’t really like the layout, but it seems awesome for learning to code!

In my opinion, Hopscotch will always be best for learning to code though ;)


I like it. But HS is what I use. As Lolly said, the layout really isn’t the best.


I like HS more, but Scratch is a bit more complex…

I’m not active on scratch now, though XD


I recommend Tynker. It is both an app and a website.
I also recommend Pixel Stitch.


Scratch is cool. I can’t use it right now though.


Paper by 53 is a great app for finding HSB colours for projects. Also just a good drawing app in general.


Great topic frenapai!
I sometimes do Scratch


This is a great topic! I do have some links to post here that is from an old topic. Here is it:

And here are all the links and the users that posted them:
@William04GamerA Hsb color picker: www.color-hex.com7 Copy-paste emojis:
@ Dude73 Hsb color picker:
@ Bubbles4Ever929 Hsb color picker (on Hopscotch):
@ UptownStudios Hsb color picker:
@ Rawrbear Hsb color picker:
@ SUPERSWAGGY Hsb color picker from image:
@ AmazingAlphaAquaWolf Hsb color picker from image:
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@William04GamerA @Explorer_ Thank you! (^-^)
Also thanks for adding all of those!! :D


HI! I am new here and I am known as Rose_The_Evil_Thorn on the actual Hopscotch. :grinning:


Here’s a challenge for you since you have experience with Tynker.
Make a project that draws hundreds (400+) of circles (red and blue) onscreen and make sure no circle is drawn over the top of another. Also the circles must be drawn in random positions each time, so the end result looks different each time.
It might sound impossible but I managed to code this.
I’d like to see you try and what code you would use.


One that I’ve been using is brackets

If you have a Mac or laptop it works. You can create website using whatever type of code you want. But it’s nowhere near Hopscotch. And it’s free to download and use :blush:


Welcome!!! And cool! :D

If you need any help, notify me by typing: @lollypopcorn
And I will do my best to help you! (^-^)/


Edit: I got a screenshot. I don’t know how to get links on iPad, so here’s the embed link.

Ok. First, sorry for the image quality. My iPad can’t connect to the Internet, and I forgot about that and didn’t make it on the website.


I was talking about “Pen”/“Drawn” circles, not cloned sprites.
Your concept is similar though. I used touches color for a single Sprite to detect if touching a drawn penned circle before deciding to draw or move to another random location.
You are pretty talented using Scratch/Tynker blocks.:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

You might not have noticed, but if you publish an IPad Tynker project, and work on the project on the website, then play the project with the app, the projects performance has worsened.
If i make a Tynker project with lots of touches color/sprite or lots of sprites onscreen, I try to only use the app and not edit the project on the website.


Okay looks cool! I’ll check it out soon. :upside_down_face:


Does anyone of you have a Sphero robot? Then you could check out the Sphero EDU, a smart application for programming your Sphero robot that works with the most available Sphero robots out there, like Sphero Ollie for example.
Edit: I forgot that this topic was old, sorry.