Recolouring/re-editing Hopscotch characters for project assets


Aww no I actually only learnt about these very, very recently and still know nothing! :joy:

I will keep that in mind and try to make them more accessible/open :blush:


Okay thanks!


@t1_hopscotch weren't you a moderator on the actual hopscotch app at some point?


Wow that's really cool :))


oh sorry I think I forgot to reply! answer is yep, I am not really sure about my account at the moment if it still has that.


I just realised, I just saw one of @Fishyguitars' awesome projects :slight_smile: and he did silhouettes/shadows with the Set Color trick, using Set Color to HSB(0,0,0) β€”which is a lot easier than this recolouring using Magic Wand + Paint bucket in Photoshop hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Gradient silhouette profile pics (free ones here)